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advantage Computer


On the one hand, the success / progress of science and technology can improve the welfare of human life, and the other side can adversely impact the results of civilization and culture that has been created. One of the technologies in question is the computer. A work of genius Howard Aiken in 1944 and known as type Harvad Mark / Computer / Digital Computer Aikens.

Computer as a product and as technology has advantages such as:

1. Able-access quickly and precisely.

2. Generate information from past data.

3. Capable of processing data into information

4. Capable of storing data that is very much (up to giga bytes).

5. Able to perform importing and exporting data designed specifically.

With the presence of these technologies work processes becoming obsolete conventional society. The sophistication of these products can not seem to remember disangkai all segments of life untouched by this technology products from the milking activities until the war strategy. This product is capable mangatasi space and time constraints faced by humans. Thus the teacher is not the only source of learning for students. Computer and Multimedia (1969 and popular in 1992) seemed to make the world just a fist. Philosophy which states who controls the information then he will rule the world.

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