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History of ancient Bali in the Year 1343

History of ancient Bali in the Year 1343
Commencement of this period was on arrival at Gajah Mada expedition to Bali in 1343. At that time if the kingdom of Bali was ruled by the King who holds Bedahulu Astasura Ratna and the Earth Bantam patihnya named Patih Kebo Iwa.
Kebo Iwa to the arrival area of ​​Bali is to carry out its mission to unite the archipelago under the leadership of the kingdom of Majapahit.Bali is the last area visited by Majapahit, because it is considered that Bali is the smallest area that will be easily conquered by the kingdom of Majapahit.
Kebo Iwa is a force for the kingdom of Bali at the time, because Kebo Iwa is a strong and powerful duke.Kebo Iwa was born the birth history Patih Blahbatuh. about Kebo Iwa is as follows: in the Blahbatuh village there are the old couple did not have a son who will be the successor to the offspring. Therefore, they asked the gods to be putra.Mereka promised to meet any demand that the child will be born later. The Betara granted it. Not later how long the man's wife hamilah. After a sufficient period of pregnancy the child was born mereka.dan both people feel very happy with the birth of their child. But it is very strange two-day-old boy had spent a ketupa.When I was a week was able to spend 6 points (one Kelan) diamond at each meal.After the age of three knows, children spend a pot of rice at each meal. If there is no rice at home, so he stole his neighbor rice. Because of greed for food, then their parents can not afford to provide food.
Due to the nature of greed led to his father very angry, especially with the complaints of citizens who have stolen their food caused his father grew angry with his father's anger was lagi.Dari summit drew his dagger to kill the child.
Before being killed the child asks about his name, the reason that he does not get lost dialam noetic. Then the father replied: "Your name is Kebo Iwa".
After hearing that his name is Kebo Iwa violent and the child began to feel very strong, invulnerable and powerful. Therefore, his father is not so killed.kemudian will excuse me to the king at the Castle Singamandawa. By the king, he was appointed governor and given shelter in Blahbatuh. Any need for dipenuh by the King. From that time many area conquered by King Bali capable thanks to the power of Kebo Iwa Patih with Ki and Ki airborne Grigis hose. From then on the Balinese immediately give the name to her child when the child was born and the umbilical arinya planted together in one place left to the right of the steps toward a "bale delod" depending on the sex of the child is born.
Majapahit expedition to Bali led by Gajah Mada is accompanied by the commander of the Arya Damar, kenceng Arya, Arya Sentong, Belog Arya and Arya lainnya.Mereka lead troops into the kingdom of Majapahit in the attack on Bali.
By first killing the Kebo Iwa, Gajah Mada led the expedition with the commander Arya Arya Damar and some people. This attack led to fighting between the army and the Kingdom of Gajah Mada Bedahulu. This battle resulted Bedahulu King and his son died.
Ki Tersebutlah Grigis airborne and their subordinates in Wilwakita menghamba, after Bali conquered by Gajah Mada Patih Arya.Beliau and his arrest there was not even given as the appropriate place because he will be sent to fight the King Deldela Nata in Sumbawa. The former is a very powerful Bedahulu Patih this will kill the king agreed Deldela Nata so subject to the Majapahit.
At a predetermined time then went airborne KI Grigis Bali and its army to the island of Sumbawa. Not told the way it came Ki airborne Grigis in Sumbawa and the war was raging. Many soldiers who died from both sides. Finally, a duel between the Nata Raja Ki airborne Deldela Grigis began. Because of the war alike rely on cunning martial arts and immunity, it also lasts a very long war. They were puncture, slash each other but neither one was hurt or scratch.
After a long fight, it would certainly never have got a puncture on the reduction of the weaknesses of each party. As has been destined by God, then they both got a puncture on the weaknesses of each. Thus, both then died and fell to the ground. After their leader died, the soldiers returned to Bali Majapahit to report that the war between airborne Grigis with Raja Ki Deldela Nata draw equally interminable death. To avoid a vacuum of governance in Bali and Sumbawa, the King of Majapahit assign three sons MPU Kepakisan to reign in Pasuruan, Bali, and Sumbawa. In Bali, the government submitted to the youngest son of Sri Krishna holds yan Kepakisan and in Sumbawa in command by the elder brother of Krishna Kepakisan perempuannya.Sri appointed king who ruled in Bali with the consideration that the Sri Krishna Kepakisan have blood relations with the people of Bali Aga.

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