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final score of a football match Persisam vs MITRA Kukar

17/02/12 afternoon football match took place between Persisam
samantha who are dealing with a partner Kukar. Game
ongoing stories very fierce. Into two teams of the early rounds have been mutually
making opportunities. Initially both teams got a score balanced
namely 1: 1. Then at minute 60, Bustomi successfully added a goal for Kukar. At minute 84, was given a sentence pinalty Kukar on hand
ball players who do periangka Kukar in the penalty box area.
Penalty kick is executed by lopicid no back 22, but
successfully pushed goalkeeper Kukar partners.
Minutes to 91, Gonzales almost made a goal but again countered by
Kukar keeper partners. Finally the game until the final whistle sounded
Number goal has not changed. The final score of the match vs Kukar Persisam
is 2:1 to win Kukar partners.

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