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Definition of "Dasa Mala"

Definition of Dasa mala is one of the forms and asubha karma. Dasamala a source of kedursilaan, which forms in actions contrary to morality, which tend to evil. Sin comes from the confusion that evokes the nature of rajah and tamas.
Parts of Dasa Mala: 1. Tandri,
meaning that people are lazy, like to eat, and sleep alone. Not sincerely just want to do evil.
2. Kleda, meaning despair, procrastinate and do not want to understand the intentions of others.
3. Leja, it means thinking dark, lascivious, and happily commit a crime.
4. Kutila, it means hurting someone else, a drunkard and trickster.
5. Kuhaka, meaning angry, like finding someone else to find fault, saying carelessly, and stubborn.
6.Metraya, that is to say hurt, pride, envy, and the wife likes to tease people.
7. Megata, that have done evil, to say the sweet but self-interest.
8. Ragastri, meaning passionate and likes to rape.
9. Bhaksa Bhuana, meaning that like to hurt other people, swindlers and riotous living over the edge.
10. Kimburu, meaning that fraudsters and thieves against anyone callous, spiteful and envious.

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