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History Pura Kebo Edan Heritage in Pejeng


Bali is very famous for its archaeological sites are also a tourist destination. one of which became the site of ancient temple is Pura Kebo Edan. sound of the name of the temple is very strange .. yes! but the actual name of this temple has a very long history associated also with the influence of Hinduism in Bali in particular and in Indonesia in general.

The term "Kebo Edan" given to this temple is associated with the two statues in the form of Kebo (buffalo) which was raging. Kebo statue is believed to represent the Forum for the god Shiva (one of the gods in the Hindu religion) called by the name of Nandini. Well Kebo Edan thus the name can not be separated from the existing Buffalo statue in this temple.

Regarding the history of the Pura Kebo Edan is through a period which is about the 13th century BC. establishment of the temple is certainly related to the kingdom with its king Kertanegara Kediri in Java. as for he who named Kebo Mahapatih Parud come to Bali. At that time the kingdom kediri adopted two schools of Hindu teachings of Shiva and Bairawa. then the duke coming to Bali Kebo Parud also bring the teachings of Shiva and Bairawa that eventually many are also embraced by the community. Both of these teachings, although different but the goal remains the same ie to achieve deliverance (moksha). At Pura Kebo Edan was put together so that both the teaching becomes for Shiva Bairawa with Remains are proof that there is a statue of the god Shiva is shaped like a snake with decoration on the neck and danced over the dead bodies and cock (penis) who moves to the right and left. This means that there are two different paths that can be taken to achieve one goal.

in addition to ARCA and ARCA Kebo Nandini Bairawa Shiva, Kebo wacky temple there are also several other statues including statues of Lord Ganesha.

Especially for the largest statue of Shiva had Bairawa dispersion also has another story that is to say that the statue was related to the story of the Mahabharata. and the statue is called as a statue Bima Bima because similar figures who also wears a necklace of snakes dilehernya.

Regarding the Puranas related with Pura Kebo Edan said nothing was found, and according to informants who were interviewed estimated that the puranas about this temple was looted during the colonial era. Pura Kebo Edan included in the temple of heaven into the world of National Heritage and at the correct time twice around the 1960's.

So who can we say about the existence of Pura Kebo Edan which is one of the sites of ancient relic that should be preserved bali.

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Informant: Pak Wayan Gedet

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