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Heaven is a temporary stopover

Meaning of Sloka (Wrhaspati tattwa, 21)
"Yapwan padabong nikang sattwa opponent rajas yeka matangyan mahyun magawaya Denya dharma, dharma pwakang kadadi Denya kalih, yes ta ring matangnyan mulih Swarga, apan ikang sattwa mahyun ing gawe hayu, ikang rajah manglakwaken"Meaning:
If the same magnitude between sattwam and the rajah, that's causing him to practice dharma, dharma berhasilah by him alone, that causes the return to Heaven, because sattwam want to do good, the rajah was doing.
Meaning that we can learn, among others:
As has been described in the above Sloka dikalau we want to go to heaven and let nature sattwam rajah who mastered ourselves but do not let the tattoo but do not let it dominate nature sattwam properties.
As for the definition of heaven, among others: Heaven is all sorts. God also describe all sorts. For the clergy Heaven is eternal praise to God. For the Sufis were united with DzatNya Heaven. For the Shari'ah and the nature of Heaven it is looking at his face. For the layman or the average person depicted is a party Heaven is eternal and immortal berkasih intimate others. Of course it still added the definition of heaven is never seen by the eye and never felt by heart just really different with a special on this earth. That was a religious version of the sky Heaven. If the earth religions describe Heaven's quiet nature-wing wang (Sunyaruri) center there and nothing (the priest) or exquisite party (to the layman). Heaven is also visio beatifica or look that happy. Bias means Heaven Heaven Heaven theological or philosophical. Theological Heaven Heaven is a picture that depicted their respective religious teachings. Heaven can mean different philosophical for each person. Heaven for poor farmers is his modest home, staring at a tiny vegetable garden, the plants flourish pest free. Heaven for the teen girl is probably sitting in front of the television while eating a snack plus read sms from her idol. Heaven Adalagi metaphors, eg, expression of Heaven is under the heel of the mother, then it means that a child will be hard on the path his life is full of problems and pitfalls trouble without a mother's affection. Final word Heaven is when we "sakmadya" had enough with what we perolehdari God, able to see the advantages in simplicity, is able to feel the joy of selflessly doing good in the world or hereafter. If we are able to do good without expecting praise and sincere response means complete and is able to run for the glory of God's religion without a shadow of Heaven crochet Heaven rest assured it has created for us. Okay peace in the hearts of world peace too peace in Heaven. Others say Heaven is a temporary stopover.
In Hinduism Heaven is a temporary stopover. According to Swami Sivananda Saraswati, Heaven is a vacation experience. As one goes to Hawaii or to Bali to have fun while spending the money and then returned to his home.
Heaven-born people are usually pretty and handsome and usually hell-born, while plants and animals there is also a human being but with conditions that are not perfect.

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