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Cultural History and the Kingdom of Bali in Bali


Kingdom of Bedahulu, 1324 - 1343
After Sri Masula Masuli died, then the eldest son of the king named Tapolung was appointed king, another name is $ sri Elephant Tapolung Waktra. At the time Dalem Bedahulu ruling in Bali, the people are very subject to the king, because his magic and wisdom in the government.
Narrated in the day Sri Tapolung an excursion to the Batur accompanied by Ki airborne Grigis, until the king attempted by Ki Panelokan airborne Girigis to test his power to go to heaven, so it was done, the king finally succeeded in doing yoga so that the king's head off his body. Because panic Ki airborne Grigis the king's head was replaced by a pig's head. when the king was troubled, he came from heaven, and condemned the Bali Aga people by saying "hopefully" bali touched wong wong len, ruled by other ethnic groups.

Gajah Mada expedition to Bali, 1343

In the years 1358-1350 AD who became king of Majapahit was titled Goddess Tribhuwana Tungga Djaya Wisnuwardana. And the duke who was duke of Gajah Mada in particular is the son of brahmin, brahmins who came to power in the region Mada. Since Gajah Mada was appointed by Prabhu Wisnuwardana become mighty duke in Majapahit, he made his vow in the presence of the nobles, that he will not eat "palapa" (spices) before the entire Indonesian archipelago can be mastered (unified) under the kingdom of Majapahit. Gajah Mada fooled Kebo Iwa and kill him so that the islands of Bali can be mastered

Gajah Mada Bali attack in 1343

On Saturday kliyon krulut, dated 2 years 1343M. Leave the army which in kepalai by the grand vizier Gajah Mada for the Bali attack. The attack on the set in such a way, by placing troops in all directions of the wind, so the army can be destroyed Bali Aga. After the troops had dispersed Bali Aga, duke of Gajah Mada decided to attack airborne Grigis using trickery to airborne Girigis eventually arrested and imprisoned in the middleman. Because the head of the war has caught, then the people of Bali Aga no conditional surrender. So in the year 1343 AD Bali Aga seen already subdued form the colony majapahit, during one year fighting duke of Gajah Mada Bali Aga

Rebellion Takawa year 1345

In the year 1345 there arose a great revolt in the hose which is headed by Tokawa, airborne Tunjung Giri and Si Said. Tokawa is the son of the palace Bedahulu in Blingkang. He collects and concentrate on the people of Bali Aga, and sparked a major rebellion in the hose. Majapahit army destroyed, so that Gajah Mada immediately deploy armed forces, headed by Gajah Mada, Arya Damar, The Elephant Arya and Kawur Tan Si, Si and Si Tan Tan Kober Backward. And the husband of Prabhu Kerthawardhana Majapahit. Gajah Mada and the Arya so rejoice, because the enemy has been destroyed and no longer suspected Bali Aga people would revolt. Gajah Mada Sepeninggalan then all headed by the Arya Arya kenceng, founded in Meru bertumpang 11 ing and four-poster granaries at Besakih. Other than that, every seat of the Aryans are required to establish a place of worship at least Sanggar Tawang where worship Hyang Widhi

Dalem makambika year 1347

In 1347 the people of Bali Aga held a palace revolt led by a named Makambika Bali Aga, the son of and grandson of Dalem Tokawa Bedahulu, at that time a great war between the Aryans and the people of Bali Aga. Feeling overwhelmed and request assistance of the Aryan soldiers who doubled the number of troops, so that the people of Bali Aga was eventually defeated by the death of Dalem Makambika. After the collapse of the empire bedahulu by Gajah Mada Expeditionary Warriors, there was a vacancy leaders in Bali

Age Samprangan, 1350 - 1380

In this era where the Gajah Mada change the position to be a knight or a Brahmin status profession in accordance with his position, and success of the elephant-mada bertul really materialized to unite the archipelago. Year 1357 the archipelago has been flying the flag of the Red and White

Kingdom of Samprangan (Moved to Gelgel), from 1380 to 1460

Where is the son of Dalem Ketut tells Krishna that is Dalem Samprangan which succeeded his father as king, because he likes chasing women primp and government affairs is not considered, then succeeded by his brother Ketut Ngelesir applied for by Gusti Kebon Body, in the reign of government Ngelesir Ketut was running smoothly until he died and was succeeded by the eldest son of Dalem Waturenggong

Dalem Waturenggong, 1460 - 1550

Waturenggong palace is renowned among the other kings, which at this period became the time of creation of the progress of the country in every field of art of civilization, which memebentuk kemasayrakatan the Java world that leads to the Hindu Balinese who gave birth of religion and worship of idols. Here the role Danghyang Nirartha aka Danghyang Dwi in Bali Jendra the 16th century is very big in the field of religious services, ceremonies Yadnya concepts, conceptions of the divine, celestial three, the concept of tri-murti, Tri Purusa and so forth that lead to the oneness of God, has disseminated by the public

Dalem Bekung, 1550 - 1580

Where at this time to tell Dalem Bekung reigns in the kingdom Linggarsaputra. At this time of great unrest, caused by the duke of Batan Orange Ki promised to menganggkat I Dewa Anggungan be king, so that discord between the royal officials. Finally, I Dewa Anggungan defeat and ask for forgiveness, he was given a pardon but his post is removed, while Ki Batan Orange escaped from prison, and eventually found in Karangasem and killed there. At this time the population of the kingdom Gelgel schism, and the lack of attention Dalem Bekung to pretend, never made a grandma and ceremony, everything is up to the people of mere ceremony, ultimately the people of Bali Aga abstain quietly

Rebellion Pande Bhasa

Because of dissension within the castle in 1578, then there is also rebellion headed by I Gusti Pande Bhasa caused due to weak Dalem Bekung. Where Ki Ki told Dalem Bekung Dragonflies Kyayi Telabah kill, so Kyai Telabah was killed, the death of Kyai Telabah Dragonflies uncovered by Ki wife, because her husband had been killed by Ki Dragonflies Bhasa Pande, Pande Bhasa house locked up and attacked by Charming Anglurah led by Anglurah Kanca. And finally Pande Bhasa was killed at the hands Kyayi Pendarungan. Since the palace Bekung feel nothing can hold the government, then down from the throne, the royal palace and was replaced by his brother king Dalem Sagening

 Dalem title and term of

The term is used as a place of worship temple Hindus in Bali at the time of the ruling palace in Bali. Before the technical term is a place to worship Hindu temple in Bali in heaven or Hyang familiar term, even in the days of Ancient Balinese used the term "ulon". At last comes the professor Kuturan to Bali a lot to bring a change of plan, the division of the temple itself, the conception rwabhineda (purusa and Pradhana where majestic mountains as (Besakih) as purusa and celestial shelf as Pradhana), conception Chess Lokapala (kongkritasi from Cadu Sakti, four aspects of omnipotence Hyang Widhi), the concept sadwinayaka (heaven sad cornerstone establishment in Bali that are conceptually related to the sad krtih). Then after the time of the king's palace called a "temple". This is caused by the State Kertagama mention that what applies in Majapahit in Bali are also required by Dynasty Dalem

Dalem sagening

Dalem Sagening dingkat became king, had a second wife and berputra 14 people. In 1597 (VOC) try to take care of the kings of Bali. But their work was in vain, for the king in Bali all against it. Later in the year 1616 Sulawesi rebelled again and Bima, Sumbawa seized by Napier. Then in 1625 a great battle between Bali and Makassar on the island of Lombok and Bali managed to paralyze Napier. 10 years later Lombok Makassar taken back, because the number of troops opposed to Bali was destroyed. Dalem Sagening weakened his government, but Patih Manginte and two of her sons who became head of the war held the government of the country is firm and maintaining security. In the precarious atmosphere, dalem sagening died and was succeeded by the son of the king

Dalem In Made

Made In the palace was crowned king in the royal throne Gelgel. When the rebellion continued to escalate; Pasuruan, Blambangan, Lombok, Sumbawa and Napier as well as Bali Aga quietly escape. Bali gets a huge defeat, because Pasuruan has been prepared in advance and assisted by the Mataram. The rebellion in Lombok and Sumbawa by the palace handed over to I Gusti Agung Widya. In those days, Lombok and Sumbawa surrender, then I Gusti Ngurah Karangasem sent three people facing Dalem Made retainer, will dedicate the victory and beg a power of attorney. but the envoy was murdered by orders Dalem In Made, heard about it I Gusti Agung very angry and attacked Dalem In Made in Gelgel. Gelgel finally fell, the king got out of Gelgel Guliang. While I Gusti Agung in Gelgel royal throne. A few years later Dalem Made In attack to seize back the confining Gelgel Gelgel city from all directions so that no Supreme Kyayi able to stand against a powerful army and multiply. Finally Gelgel can be controlled again. Made In Dalem son was made king title I Dewa Agung Jambe, in 1710, moved the royal city of Gelgel to Semarapura (Klungkung) and the title has since been abolished Dalem

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