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Effect on Personal Life Someone TRIGUNA

A. Understanding TRIGUNA
TRIGUNA consists of two words ie
"Tri" meaning three (3)
"To", which means the nature of
So, TRIGUNA meansthree traits that affect human life. Between properties with each other and influence each other to form a person's character. Moreover, these three properties are intertwined in harmony, then someone will be able to control his thoughts very well. However, the relationship between the three properties that will continue to move like the wheels are spinning again, and each wanted the other properties, as long as humans live.

B. Section - Section TRIGUNA
1. Sattwa nature or Sattwam
Sattwa properties or properties which sattwam calm, holy, wise, intelligent, bright, calm, alert, disciplined, light and other good qualities.
2. The nature of Rajah or Rajas
Rajah rajas nature or nature that is nimble, agile, shaky, vacillating rush, dynamic, envy, arrogant, rude, violent, hotheaded, touchy, arrogant and eager.
3. Amenity or nature of Tamas
Hearted nature or the nature of tamas which most are not aware, silly, dark, sleepy nature, nervous, lazy, ragged and sometimes deceitful.

C. Effect on Personal Life Someone TRIGUNA
a) People who are controlled by the nature of sattwam usually even-tempered, alert, and be a peaceful and compassionate. If the decision will be weighed carefully in advance, then before implementation. Any thoughts, words, and behavior reflect the wisdom and virtue. Like the act of Yudhishthira and Krishna in the Mahabharata story, and the action Wibhisana in the story of Rama and Ramayana.
b) People who are controlled by the nature of the tattoo is usually always restless, his desire to move quickly, easily upset and hard-hearted. People like to show off, glad of the praise and resentful towards the sass. That both the nature of the tattoo that is the nature of hard-working and disciplined.
c) The person who owned hospitality properties usually think, say, and do very slow. Sometimes reluctant, lazy, likes to sleep, greedy, and stupid. Large lust, hard desires, and likes to sleep with his wife and children intervened.

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